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SmithCo Side Dump Trailers are The Most Stable Side Dump on the Market.

Western Truck & Trailer Sales is not only an Authorized SmithCo Side Dump Dealer, we are the #1 SmithCo dealer in the country. Our sales department is staffed by trained trailer experts, and they know your business. Call us today at (888) 615-1388 to find the right trailer for your job. If we don’t have it in the lot for you, we can get it. We have a wide variety of SmithCo trailers available and will be happy to help you find the one to fit the job. 

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The SmithCo SX1, Single-Axle Side Dump trailer is primarily intended for use in doubles operation, orwhen maneuverability is an issue.

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The SmithCo SX2, 2-Axle Side Dump trailer is one of SmithCo's most popular and versatile models.


The SmithCo SX3, 3-Axle Side Dump trailer is an excellent choice for operators in states that allow for extended gross weights for 5-axle + truck/trailer combos.


The SmithCo SX4, 4-Axle Side Dump trailer is primarily used in states that allpw for extended gross weights, and is often part of a line haul operation.


The SmithCo SX5, 5-Axle Side Dump trailer is our Super Side Dump trailer, featuring a liftable/steerable axle and extended tub for a higher hauling capacity.


The SmithCo SX6, 6-Axle Side Dump trailer is the first of our Ultra Tub series, featuring 3 standard axles and 3 steerable lift axles, and an extended tub.


The SmithCo SX7, 7-Axle Side Dump trailer is the top of the line when it comes to the Ultra Tub. Operators with a standard CDL are able to haul upo 40 tons in a single trailer with our ultra tub and additional axles.

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SmithCo Side Dump Trailers
SmithCo Side Dump Trailers

We want to help you to succeed by supplying you with the parts and equipment you need, when you need them. Let us help you get that SmithCo side dump you need on time and on budget. If you need repairs or replacement parts, we’ve got you covered there too. Visit our parts store at WesternTruck Parts, or call our shop directly at (866) 416-8193 to get the replacement parts you need.

SmithCo Side Dump Trailers

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