SmithCo Side Dump Trailers

A Trailer For Any Need

Smithco Side Dumps are The Most Stable Side Dump on the Market.

Manufacturing side dump trailers since 1994, SmithCo has developed their product into the premier side dump in North America. Building more side dump trailers and more models of side dumps than any other manufacturer. Whether you're looking for a trailer for personal needs or business, SmithCo offers a wide range of side dump trailers for sale for various applications, including construction, agricultural, mining, and custom hauling needs.

The water tight design of the tub makes the side dump the perfect trailer for hauling loads that need to be contained; like hazardous waste or other products that may have a liquid component. Designed with the highest quality materials, these machines provide unmatched reliability and durability.

Since the tub is constructed from AR400 steel the side dump can haul demolition, bank run, boulders and rock without significant damage to the trailer.

If you need help finding the side dump trailer for sale that best suits your hauling needs, feel free to contact one of our trained specialists at (888) 615-1388. We look forward to helping you find the perfect fit for you.

SmithCo Side Dump Trailers

Premier Side Dump Trailers

SmithCo's specific side dump designs.

  • SX5 - The Super Side Dump Trailer
  • SX3-4234L - Tri-Axle Side Dump Trailer
  • SX2-3124 - 4-Axle Side Dump Pup Trailer
SmithCo Side Dump Trailers

SmithCo Side Dump Trailers

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SmithCo Side Dump Trailers

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SmithCo Side Dump Trailers

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