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We have the largest selection of Ranco Trailers for sale available.  We are the construction transport experts and can ensure that we can get you the right equipment for any application.  We have been Ranco’s #1 Dealer several years in a row and are the largest Ranco End Dump & Bottom Dump Dealer. We keep a wide variety of  bottom dump trains and demolition end dumps in stock all year long.

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Ranco Trailers and Western Truck

In addition to dump trailers, Ranco is proud to introduce the newest addition to the Ranco family: the Ranco Guppy storage silo, equipped with the WEB Force Series 1 Electric Blower (optional). Western Truck & Trailer Sales is the first dealer to have access to the Ranco Guppy – buy it here first!

Western Truck & Trailer Sales knows your business. Whether you work in the mining, energy, forestry, commercial or construction industries, Ranco trailers are ideal for your area of expertise.

In addition to trailers, we also have a full line of parts for the Ranco line and the service knowledge to back you up if you need it. Whether you're looking for a new or used Ranco end dump or belly dump trailer or simply 

need parts for your current trailer, we have what you're looking for. As one of the top-rated End Dump and Bottom Dump Trailer Dealers in the US, our goal at Western Truck & Trailer Sales is to make sure your Ranco trailer experience is positive, profitable, and trouble free. We

If you need assistance determining which Ranco bottom or end dump trailer model is best for your hauling needs, give our trailer experts a call at (888) 615-1388. We look forward to helping you find the perfect Ranco trailer for you and your business.

The Dragon/Ranco Manufacturing Plant

Ranco was purchased by Modern USA, the owners of: Dragon Products, Tiger Rentals and Tiger Ag Products. After the purchase of Ranch Manufacturing in Lamar, Colorado, Dragon purchased additional facilities which greatly increased the manufacturing capabilities in the area. Hence, the Dragon/Ranco Trailer title that some commercial dump trailers still have to this day.

You can see in the pictures on the left, one of the Ranco assembly lines and one of their many automated weld arms. If you would like to see a few clips of these tools in action check out our YouTube channel by clicking here.

The Dragon/ranco Manufacturing Plant

Bottom Dump Trailers

Ranco bottom dump trailers are the best on the market. Made in the USA, every detail has been given the greatest attention to ensure reliability and durability on any job site. We have a variety of bottom dump trailers to choose from, and we can help you find the perfect trailer to fit your needs. Western Truck & Trailer Sales is Ranco’s #1 Bottom Dump Trailer Dealer, and as such, we have access to anything you need and more. Check out our brochures below. If you don’t see what you need, call us!  

Bottom Dump Trailers

End Dump Trailers

The Ranco Anvil is a uniquely designed demolition end dump trailer that is loaded with many design features that result in tremendous benefits to the hauler. Since we are Ranco’s #1 End Dump Trailer Dealer, we have the largest variety of end dump trailers to choose from in the industry. Download our End Dump Trailer brochures below. If you don’t see what you need, we can get it, just give us a call!

End Dump Trailers

Side Dump Trailers

Also made in the USA, Ranco offers light weight Side Dump Trailers, with the option of 2 or 3 axles. Featuring AR400 Steel, and 5 pivot points, the Ranco Side Dump Trailer is built to last, and sturdy enough to handle whatever job you have in mind for it. Need more axles? Give us a call. Western Truck & Trailer Sales is Ranco’s #1 Trailer Dealer for a reason – we will find you the trailer you need. Our trailer experts can be reached at (888) 615-1388


Brand new to the Ranco line, and exclusive to Western Truck & Trailer Sales, we present the Ranco Guppy storage silo! Based on tried and true design and engineering, the Ranco Guppy will be the last guppy you’ll ever need. Western Truck & Trailer Sales is proud to be the first Dealership to carry the Ranco Guppy. Based on the Retesa 4100CF Guppy, the Ranco Guppy will work hard and is built to last. Download the brochure below to see the specs for our newest trailer. While you’re at it, check out the WEB FORCE Series 1 Electric Blower, also a Western Truck & Trailer Exclusive, and built specifically with the Ranco Guppy in mind.


Ranco knows what performance means to you, and that’s why they have added VANTAGE trailers to the Ranco family. Vantage trailers are built to last and engineered to perform, which will maximize your profitability. Western Truck & Trailer Sales is proud to offer the full line of Vantage Trailers. Contact a Salesman today to order your new Vantage trailer, or to find out more about the Vantage Line.


If you’re in the market to replace your dump body, we can do that too! Download the brochures below and call our Trailer Experts to make sure you get the right size dump body to fit your frame. While you’re deciding which one you need, get a quote on installation as well, because we can do that too! Not only are we the #1 Ranco bottom dump and end dump trailer dealer in the nation, but we are a full-service parts store and service shop as well. We can get your dump body upgraded and back on the jobsite.

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We do more than trailers too. With access to Ranco and Dragon’s entire inventory, we can get you anything you need. Download our liquid tight and solid waste container brochures to learn more and decide if they are what you’re looking for. Then give one of our trailer experts a call. We know your business, and we can help you find what you need.


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