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From 11 Trailers to 50 Years: Manac Trailer Manufacturing

Manac Trailer Manufacturing builds affordable, high-quality trailers in the United States and Canada. Manac was founded in 1966 by Marcel Dutil in Saint-Georges, Quebec, Canada. In their first year, operating in a barn behind Founder Marcel Dutil’s house, Manac manufactured 11 units.

Despite their humble beginning, Manac had a prosperous future ahead of them, and would go on to acquire several companies, including Canam Steel, Kalyn-Siebert, and CPS Trailer Company.

In 1991, Manac manufactured their first steel and aluminum flatbed trailer. In 2000, Manac introduced their first all-aluminum flatbed trailer, which made them the only semitrailer manufacturer to offer a complete line of platform trailers: steel, combo (steel & aluminum) and all-aluminum model flatbed trailers.

In 2016, Manac celebrated their 50th year in business.

Continuing the Tradition of Success

In 2002, Manac acquired the assets of CPS Trailers in Oran Missouri, which became Manac’s first plant in the United States. Due to Manac’s continuing and outstanding success over their 50+ years in business, Manac has grown to become one of the largest trailer manufacturers and trusted names in North America. Manac has a product for every part of the job and has earned their place in your fleet.

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Manac is an industry-trusted manufacturer, well-known for the innovative technology they use to manufacture their trailers, including their step deck and flatbed trailers. Manac is dedicated to the quality of their products. The iconic flying moose mud flaps are synonymous with quality.

Manac Trailer Dealer

Western Truck & Trailer Sales proudly carries Manac’s steel, aluminum, and combo steel/aluminum flatbed and step deck trailers. Western Truck & Trailer Sales, Inc. serves all states in the US, with locations in Utah and Nevada. Our trailer salesmen know your state’s operating rules and requirements and are industry experts. They will make sure you get the trailer needed for the job you are doing.

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Our Manac trailers for sale are used for many types of heavy-duty applications within the construction industry. If you work in construction, energy, mining, agriculture, or forestry, these trailers will serve you well. If you need a flatbed or drop deck to haul your equipment or material, we’ve got you covered here at Western Truck & Trailer Sales Inc.

Browse our complete inventory of Manac trailers for sale online and get all the specs, dimensions, capacity and other information you need about these well-known commercial construction trailers. Call us at (888) 615-1388 or email us with any questions you might have. Our expert sales team is here waiting to help you; we want to ensure you receive the right trailer for your requirements. If you’re local, you can also visit our sales yard located in beautiful Salt Lake City, UT. Invest in a new Manac trailer today!