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Increased Trailer Demand to Increased Success: CPS Trailer Company

CPS Trailer Company was founded in 1979 by Charleas P Siebert in a small welding shop in Oran Missouri. Charles used his initials for the company name, CPS. In 1980, CPS began building grain trailers – but they didn’t stop there. The demand for bottom dump trailers was the catalyst for their success.  

CPS experienced rapid growth as the demand for bottom dump and end dump trailers across the construction industry increased in the mid-late 1990s. CPS had a reputation for quality and spared no expense in making sure their welding and fabrication team was the best. CPS didn’t cut corners on the quality of their construction and took pride in manufacturing trailers that would last. In February 1998, CPS introduced their first half round demolition end dump trailer made from AR400 steel, believing it to be a great addition to their catalog.

Continuing the Tradition of Success

In 2002, CPS joined the Manac family. Becoming Manac’s first plant in the United States. Manac saw the value of CPS and understood the demand for bottom dump, end dump, and demolition trailers. The CPS facility remained in Oran, and continued producing dump trailers, only getting better under the Manac umbrella. With Manac’s reputation for excellence and extensive knowledge and experience, they were able to make tweaks to the designs of CPS trailers increasing their quality to meet Manac’s standards.

CPS trailers have always been great trailers. With Manac’s experience, now CPS trailers are excellent trailers, and have earned their place in your fleet.

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Western Truck & Trailer Sales proudly carries the full CPS Trailer Line of belly dump, end dump, and demolition end dump trailers. Western Truck & Trailer Sales, Inc. serves all states in the US, with locations in Utah and Nevada. We know the operating rules and requirements for your state and our salesmen are industry experts. They will make sure you get the dump trailer needed for the job you are doing.

Browse our Selection of CPS Belly Dump, End Dump & Demolition Trailers

Our CPS trailers for sale are used for many types of heavy-duty applications within the construction industry. If you work in construction, energy, mining, or agriculture these trailers will serve you well. If your project calls for a lightweight bottom dump or a half round demolition end dump, we’ve got you covered here at Western Truck & Trailer Sales Inc.

Browse our complete inventory of CPS & trailers for sale online and get all the specs, dimensions, capacity and other information you need about these well-known commercial construction trailers. Call us at (888) 615-1388 or email us with any questions you might have. Our expert sales team is here waiting to help you; we want to ensure you receive the right trailer for your requirements. If you’re local, you can also visit our sales yard located in beautiful Salt Lake City, UT. Invest in a new CPS trailer today!