SmithCo’s Side Dump Trailers are Tested to be the Best in the World

SmithCo’s Side Dump Trailers are Tested to be the Best in the World

Trailer manufacturers make many promises about the durability and reliability of their equipment, but how do you know if their trailers will perform the way you need, when you need them to, every single day? What about the resale value of their trailers and how well they retain their value after many years of use? These are fair questions to be asking before you buy any trailer, or high ticket piece of equipment that you’re about to invest in. SmithCo knows how much you rely on your equipment day in and day out. Their engineers put their trailers through extensive testing in order to make sure that you are getting the best trailer possible. 

Recently, SmithCo started investing greatly in high-end data acquisition equipment that allows them to have direct access to a data logging system that is comparable to several testing labs at universities. This testing equipment includes components like flow meters, pressure transducers, inclinometers, string pots, gyroscopes, and even a set of Go-Pro cameras. So, this means their team can do extensive commercial trailer testing to measure just about anything you need to know about a trailer’s functionality, including hydraulic pressure and tub momentum, to air system timing or tub rail deflection and even frame lean and twist movements too. Trailer innovation has never been easier. And with Western Truck being SmithCo’s #1 Trailer Manufacturer in the USA, we are here to answer any questions you could ever have. 

What Does SmithCo Test For? 

SmithCo Trailer's Rigorous Testing

·       Hydraulic pressures

·       Cylinder stroke

·       Tub momentum

·       Tub rail deflection

·       Air system pressures and timing

·       Suspension movement

·       Frame beam deflection

·       Frame lean and twist

·       Weight distribution per axle


Our partners at SmithCo put their dump trailers through extensive testing before they even leave their lot. With a new data logging system comparable to some university testing labs, they can measure just about everything that happens when hauling with a SmithCo product. Their engineers are even able to use the real-world testing data they obtain to create mathematical models and relationships specific to their trailers to use on other trailer configurations and models for future designs. Revolutionizing trailers is literally in SmithCo’s hands. Their rigorous testing process means that customers can 100% rely on the SmithCo brand for reliability, durability, and eventual resale value of any trailer model. They guarantee it!

Do you want to know which of SmithCo’s time-tested side dump trailers are right for you? Give us a call here at Western Truck & Trailer Sales today. We’d be happy to help answer any questions you might have, provide any datapoints you’re looking for, and guide you to the right SmithCo Side Dump model that fits your needs. Fill out our contact form HERE or give us a call at (888) 615-1388.


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