2019 Retesa 4100 CF Guppy

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NEW RETESA 4100 Cubic Foot Guppy, Single Compartment Pneumatic Storage Silo, (6) Hopper Bottoms, Support Legs (10) Screw Type Jacks w/Sand Shoes, (2) 4" Blow Down Lines, 5" Discharge, Canvas Pad Aerators, Single Manhole w/20" Knappco Cast Pressure Cover, 54' Length, Single Axle, Spring Suspension, 11R22.5 Tires, Painted Gray. Electrical or Diesel Blowers available upon Request. Estimated Weight 23,500 lbs.

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Barrel Assembly
Capacity: 4100 Cubic Feet
Length:54' 4" OAL
Empty Weight: 23,500 Pounds
One Compartment
Carbon Steel Barrel, Smooth Exterior, Flanged Hopper Bottoms
Steel Flat Bar Hard Rolled Internal Rings, Fully Welded
Manholes: (1) 20" Knappco Aluminum Cast Pressure Cover With 6 Cam Style Adjustable Hold Downs - Steel Collar - Located at Center Hopper - Hinged to Rear
[6] Conical Hopper Bottoms with 45 Degree Slope

Barrel Accessories
Ladder (1) Steel Mounted Ladder on Roadside (1) Steel Internal
Walkway Platform to Rear of Manhole

Air Piping: 4" OD Steel Tubing Routed Down Curb Side with (1) 4" Flange Mounted Swing Check Valve Upstream of Hopper #1 - Tee Mounted in Horizontal Position for Portable Blower Unit (Not Furnished)
Check Valves: [2] 4" Flange Mounted Knappco Swing Check - (1) at Air Inlet at Rear - 1 Upstream Of Front Hopper Discharge Outlet
Aeration: Canvas Pad - 30" OD - 10 Degree Slope - Steel Hopper Bottom Bolted to Flange
Pressure Control Valve: [1] 4" Steel Disc - Aluminum Butterfly Body and Handle at Front Hopper
Blow Down Line : 2 Steel Lines [1] at Front and [1] at Rear Terminating with 4" Butterfly Valve Ground Level
Product Valves: Roadside Operation with 6" Butterfly Valves
Discharge Line: 5" Steel Line Terminating Behind Rear Hopper with 45-Degree Elbow - AL Adapter & Cap at Rear - Terminate with Threaded Cap at Front as a Cleanout Port
Fill Line: (2) 4" (1) at Front (1) at Rear
Pressure Gauges: (2) Liquid Filled 0 - 30 Psi Mounted in Cabinet Upstream of Hopper #1 on Roadside

Upper Coupler: 3/8" Hiten Steel Plate Bolted - 2" Forged Kingpin - Channel Reinforcement
Steel Support Legs Frames
Support Legs: (10) Screw Type Jacks with Sand Shoes
Suspension: Retesa - Welded - 8 Leaf Springs
Axle: [1] Ampro 5" Round - 30,000 Lbs. Capacity - 3/4" Wall - 77-1/2" Track
Stemco Oil Seals
Wheels: (4) 8:25-22.5 Steel Disc - Preprinted Factory White
Tires: (4) 11R22.5 Radials - DOT Approved
Brakes: 16-1/2" - 7" "S" Cam
Brake Linings: Abex-ABB303-197
Brake Chambers: TSE 3030
Brake Drums: 16 1/2" - 7" Outboard Mounted - 10 Hole - Cast Steel
Steel - Hub Piloted Hubs
Automatic Slack Adjusters
Sealco Valves
Nose Box Mounted on Front Frame
Tramec Glad-Hands
DOT-Single Tank Air System
Electrical Wiring: Molded Main Lead with No Circuit Breakers
DOT Reflectors
LED Lights
LED Center Turn Clearance
2-Hole SS Bolt-on Rear Light Box
Yellow Rear Over Size Light Yellow
Aluminum Double Contour Rear Fenders with Steel Brackets & Galvanized Bolts

Polyurethane Cement Grey Paint, exterior only
Conspicuity: Per NHTSA - solid
Cabinets: [1] carbon steel to house pressure gauges

More Information
location Salt Lake City, Utah
Condition New
Model 4100 CF Guppy
VIN 3R9R4TU10JM001479
Year 2019